Latest raffle winners:

I17 Raffle: 5th January 2018

  • 1st prize: Mrs M Jones, (Herts). Ticket No. 49260
  • 2nd prize: Mr A Southam, (Cumbria). Ticket No. 41116
  • 3rd prize: Mrs A Hendley, (Neath). Ticket No. 39498

H17 Raffle: 30th November 2017
•1st prize: Mrs D McCourt, (Surrey). Ticket No. 30926.
•2nd prize: Mr R Rees, (Birkenhead). Ticket No. 41128.
•3rd prize: Mr R McFarlane, (Hemel Hempstead). Ticket No. 58333.

G17 Raffle: 31st October 2017
•1st prize: D Cameron, (Darlington). Ticket No. 15915.
•2nd prize: R Fernie, (Fife). Ticket No. 47919.
•3rd prize: S Harris, (East Kilbride). Ticket No. 24579.

F17 Raffle: 30th September 2017
•1st prize: Mrs B Green (Nuneaton). Ticket No. 07122.
•2nd prize: Mrs P Roberts (Plymouth). Ticket No. 17378.
•3rd prize: Mrs A Duffy (W. Sussex). Ticket No. 52731.

E17 Raffle: 31st August 2017
•1st prize: Mr M Ashley, (Shropshire). Ticket No. 20624.
•2nd prize: Ms G Edwards, (Anglesey). Ticket No. 30891.
•3rd prize: Mrs D Chance, (Wrexham). Ticket No. 14837.

D17 Raffle: 31st July 2017
•1st prize: B McPhee, (Kent). Ticket No. 12736.
•2nd prize: Mrs D Pavlou, (Sutton). Ticket No. 39743.
•3rd prize: Mrs V Grimmond, (Ashford). Ticket No. 35535.

If you are a winner and have not yet claimed your prize please contact a member of the Donor Care Team. Our next raffle draw (J17) will take place on 30th January 2018.